Volta Charging

For Profit

Volta Charging

More Clean Transportation Choices

Why We Invested

To reduce “range anxiety” among EV drivers and promote EV adoption

Electric vehicle (EV) charging networks like Volta are crucial for the mass adoption of EVs in Hawaii. Increasing the number of stations statewide means more consumers will be able to easily charge their vehicles and avoid “range anxiety.”

Our Partner

Founded in 2010, Volta Charging designs, installs and maintains public EV charging stations, providing free charging to both the driver and the community. The stations are designed and built by Volta, and provide approximately 20-25 miles worth of range per hour of charging.

How We Partnered

Financial capital toward expanding EV charging infrastructure

“With the investment funds provided by Ulupono Initiative, Volta is able to speed up plans to expand Hawaii’s network of charging stations to reach more EV owners statewide.”