OI-HPU Feed Mill

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Oceanic Institute-HPU

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Why We Invested

To build a feed mill to help stabilize feed supplies and prices for our local ranchers and farmers

Our Partner

Ulupono Initiative partnered with Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) for the establishment of a long-planned feed mill project, spearheaded by Oceanic Institute, HPU (OI-HPU), which became a directed research unit of the University in January 2014. Through this innovative feed mill project, OI-HPU researchers will create feed for animals – including cattle, poultry, and moi – and will incorporate byproducts from local industries such as sugarcane, fisheries, papaya and algae, which otherwise go to waste. Once formatted to meet each animal’s specific nutritional needs, the feed will be tested on a scale relevant to Hawaii farmers.

How We Partnered

Ulupono Initiative helped finance HPU's prototype feed mill on Hawaii Island. This partnership will establish a state-of-the-art facility, which aims to tackle Hawaii’s vital issue of local food security. The investment is aligned with Ulupono’s mission to increase local food production.

Ulupono Initiative’s investment funds the installation of the necessary equipment to automate the plant, making it more productive, efficient and economically viable, which, if successful, would catalyze development of commercial feed mills in Hawaii. The long-run competitiveness of Hawaii-based beef, dairy, poultry, fish and hogs is dependent on local feed availability.


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