WAI: Wastewater Alternatives and Innovations

Non Profit

Waiorg Inc dba WAI: Wastewater Alternatives and Innovations

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Why We Invested

To promote innovative solutions reducing the need for cesspools in Hawaii

It’s estimated that Hawaii has more than 88,000 cesspools that discharge approximately 53 million gallons of raw sewage per day into Hawaii’s waters. These cesspools and failing septic systems contaminate drinking water, harm underground aquifers, and pollute marine environments. A pilot program was launched to employ innovative sanitation technology at a Priority 1 cesspool conversion zone, as defined by the Hawaii Department of Health.

Our Partner

Waiorg Inc, dba WAI: Wastewater Alternatives and Innovations, is a Hawaii non-profit corporation established to implement new technologies to reduce wastewater discharge from cesspools and provide innovative, affordable and eco-friendly solutions to wastewater management.

How We Partnered

$25,000 grant provided through the Ulupono Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation

“WAI is finding innovative ways to more responsibly manage Hawaii’s waste and reduce the harm wastewater discharge from cesspools can do to our communities.”