Our Team

Kathleen Rooney

Director, Transportation Policy & Programs

Kathleen Rooney

All levels of government in Hawaii have made these amazing climate change commitments — of which transportation is increasingly a larger part of the problem. I’m happy to join Ulupono Initiative where I hope to support policies that help people easily and conveniently use multimodal options in their daily lives and programs and investments that help make this transition happen faster. The sooner we all shift our travel choices, the faster we meet these important community and sustainability goals!”

Katie is Ulupono Initiative’s lead on transportation-related policy and programs in the advancement of a cleaner, multimodal transportation system in Hawaii that improves people’s quality of life. Her current projects include rightsizing parking policies; helping expand immediate transportation choices and access to those choices; and ensuring transportation investments meet important community and climate goals.

She brings 15 years of national experience in transportation and planning, combining both to advance community visions and goals in many diverse communities across the nation. For example, she helped two West Virginia towns strategize around health, leading to two trail program implementation grants. She also help to conceptualize a resiliency center in Washington State, operationalize multimodal accessibility metrics in Florida, launch a food incubator in New Mexico, and develop a statewide transportation demand management framework for New York State. She has also worked at all levels of government in multi-disciplinary ways, leading to a broad understanding of transportation, community, and environmental issues.

Prior to joining the Ulupono team, Katie served as a project manager of Renaissance Planning in Orlando, Florida, and as a senior manager at ICF in Washington DC.  

Katie holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Maryland-College Park and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.